To the Heart of the Earth (en)

To the Heart of the Earth

This musical compilation, the result of a long spiritual journey, presents the compositions of Marie Louise Roy, songwriter and performer. Her music, sacred in nature, reveals the depth of the inner landscapes of the soul and brings us into unknown spaces of ourselves. It makes us vibrate with Mother Earth. You have to listen to it to grasp the whole dimension of this album which offers both a music of relaxation and meeting with oneself. The album is dedicated to our beautiful planet Mother Earth and a percentage of the profits go to the GREMM (for the benefit of whales). Titles:

The Heart of the Earth (5:42)

Memory Keepers (6:04)

Divine Connection (4:20)

Lady Water (4:53)

He wrote to me (3:33)

Gathering (5:07)

Here in my Heart (4:25)

The Ancestors (4:27)

Guardian Angels (4:53)

Gateway of my Life (4:44)

Au coeur de la terre (5:41)

Yves Ducharmes, Aura Music October 2003. A new voice is raising us. After “Infinite Light” (very beautiful guided meditation), Marie Louise Roy offers us a CD of exceptional quality: Beautiful texts, angelic voice accompanied by the superb arrangements of Robert Lafond, the true genius behind Atlantis Angélis and Solaris Universalis. I had the happiness to guide Marie Louise to this great creator that is Robert Lafond and the result is there: an enchantment for the ear and a balm for the soul.

François Paré, radio CJPX, January 2004. I have listened to this record with interest and even more pleasure. I found Ms. Roy’s approach noble and consistent and very seductive. I like her way of singing: mesmerizing. In fact, this record has nothing to envy to the recordings of Loreena McKennitt or Maire Brennan.

Agenda Plus (Belgium), January 2004. The Quebec author of books Paroles Angéliques (volumes 1, 2 and 3, at Louise Courteau Editor) was musically inspired to make this first album in which she shares her love for our planet (words in English). Five percent of the profits will go to the GREMM organization which takes care of the safeguarding of the whales.

Ankaradia Musik, December 2003. New in the field of the new age music. Deep messages about the evolution of the soul and the healing of the Earth and a nod to whales. All performed by a brand new artist in the field of song, Marie Louise Roy, inspired by her life experience, we share her musical work for the greater good of the planet.

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