Vie de femme dans un métier d'homme, un pont entre deux mondes

(Life of a woman in a man's job, A bridge between two worlds)

I wrote this book to ring the alarm against a society in wounds of itself. In my opinion, this social malaise comes from the lack of understanding of the relational complementarity between men and women. The expression "gender equality" is unquestionably the most misunderstood on the planet.

To fully understand this wound, one must have built a career as a woman in a world of men. It is also necessary to have a certain distance and know how to draw on the wisdom resulting from this experience in order to identify the relationship gaps; not only mine but those of a whole society. In this book, therefore, I pass on the fruit of my experience.


I have also written this book as a tribute to "men who know", those who have chosen me professionally because I have dared to display my "feminine fiber" in my work.  My interactions with my male peers and with the various public levels have taught me a lot about human nature in all its essence.


Interacting, as a women, opens the way to a new balance in human relations and business relations between men and women. This creates bridges between beings and allows the dissolution of conflict situations. From these experiences can arise new dynamics where the equilibrium is positioned much more in the complementarity of two worlds in need of understanding than in the so-called equity gender in the sense of similarity.


The author is architect and urban planner. She also holds a Master's degree in Environment. She works as a consultant in urban planning, ecological design and sustainable development. In addition, she gives lectures on the "environmental" health of cities. Her training in alternative medicine (polarity, therapeutic touch and spiritual healing approaches) has followed her throughout her life, leading her to apply the principles of this learning in its two professional practices: that of architecture and urban planning, as well as that of consultations in creative coaching with people.

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