About us

Professional career

Artist to the tips of her fingers, Marie Louise Roy practice her art in various fields (domains).Her initial career was as architect and urban planner and later as a painter, writer, and author, composer and performer. A graduate of the University of Montreal, she also holds a Master's degree in Applied Science (Environment) from École Polytechnique de Montréal. Self-employed, she runs her practice from the outskirts of Montreal as a consultant.

Later, she develops workshops on healing cities. In addition, she runs Environment Days for students at the primary level. Passionate about geobiology and sacred geometry, she also works to apply these two disciplines in the design of her projects. Finally, in January 2014, she completed a training to become a coach and now offers "creative coaching" services.

Resource person

Her status as an independent worker led her to serve as a resource person in entrepreneurship with Louis Jacques Filion, HEC. Her life experience was presented as a case study to students and in 2002 to CIFPME. In July 2005, HEC presents her case study at the 22nd International Conference on Case Studies, Methods of Research and Applications, entitled "Gateways to Learning" held by Mendel University. Agriculture and Forestery in Brno, Czech Republic. In addition, the case study is also available in Dafna Kariv's book "Female Entrepreneurship and the New Venture Creation, an International Overview" at Routledge Publishing.


Her path is somewhat atypical. At the age of five, thanks to her father, she learned Kriya yoga and meditation. As a teenager, she is as much attracted to the arts as to science. She is interested in music through singing and guitar. She also studies painting and develops an interest in watercolor.

In 1988, his life switches through the discovery of his psychic abilities. It is then that she goes a long way through the use of alternative medicine (rebirth, polarity, therapeutic touch and spiritual healing). In 1991, her life change. She contacts higher consciousness plans that that reveals through her profound teachings. Since then, this new path has profoundly changed her life. She is called to work on unknown sacred sites. In addition, it will also act on the meridians of the earth to help stabilize the transformation of our beautiful planet.

Her journey continues by studying with internationally recognized doctors and healers. Mrs. Roy promotes the healing of the soul through unconditional love and the elevation of human consciousness. Her books, "Angelic Lyrics I, II and III" (Ed. Courteau), (Volume I, available in English, "Owner's Manual for the Soul" and Volume III, available in Spanish "Liberarse del Karma Familiar") inspire us. Subsequently, she writes "Life of a woman in a profession of man" (Ed Guerin) and "The antidote to stress" (Ed ADA). Her meditation CDs confirms her spiritual journey.

At the same time, she studies vocal technique and singing for almost eight years. In recent years, she has developed a musical component and composes songs that are addressed to the soul. Her compact music discs are an eloquent testimonial of her path. She has given conferences and workshops in Quebec and in Europe since 1998. Having practiced meditation in many forms for more than 25 years, she hosts monthly meditation evenings in Quebec, in the Lower Laurentians region (Canada).