The books of Marie Louise Roy illustrate her inner journey in the trilogy Paroles Angéliques Volume I, II and III (Volume I is translated in English as "Owner's Manual for the Soul" and volume III is translated in Spanish as"Liberarse del Karma Familiar").Thus, they tell her journey through  channelling and transmit profound teachings for the human soul. Moreover, being a professional architect, she works in a job more specifically dedicated to men at the time as she tells us in the book "Vie de femme dans un métier d'homme, un pont entre deux mondes" (Life of a woman in a man's profession, a bridge between two worlds) (experiences and career).

Along with her first job, Ms. Roy coaches and realizes how stressful people are, especially at work. As a result, she decided to write another book called "L'antidote au stress" (The antidote to stress), an antidote that offers creative approaches to maintain a balanced life.

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Tracking Trilogy "Paroles Angéliques Volume I, II, and III" (Amazon information to follow)

Professional career "Vide de femme dans un métier d'homme" (Life of a woman in a man's profession):

Creative book "L'antidote au stress " (The antidote to stress):