Infinie Lumière (en)

Infinie Lumière,

Guided Meditation in French

Through a visualization in the Light, this meditation takes you on a journey through your organs and your glands so as to instill a new awareness. It will activate the energy networks of your body. When practiced on a daily basis, this form of meditation brings the body into a state of deep relaxation and can facilitate regeneration through the awakening of cellular memory.

This meditation is born from the golden light. Symbol of regeneration, it allows the body to open up to a very deep relaxation. It awakens consciousness and broadens our inner vision of life. Guided by the forces of Creation, Marie Louise practiced this meditation on a daily basis. This practice has transformed her life by opening the doors of her cellular memory.

Marie Louise Roy has been exploring the world of meditation for over twenty-five years. In addition, she explored the techniques of Kriya Yoga to yoga of sound exploring also Merkaba meditation. She designed this new form of meditation to offer you a relaxing tool. Thus, this tool opens the doors to a transformation that brings energy to circulate optimally in the body.

Comments about the CD Infinite Lumière

Yves Ducharmes, Aura Music, October 2001. Infinie Lumière is an extraordinary guided meditation (without music), a surprising efficiency for the one who chooses to listen to it with a certain regularity. I personally listened to it for seven consecutive days so that each of the seven chakras received special attention. I have personally experienced they beneficial effects of this meditation on a cellular and energetic level. So, I recommend it to everyone. This meditation can be done in a group.

Resource Guide, (2002) Here is a completely different album on which there is only one woman’s voice. No music, but many silences between sentences to visualize and feel the suggestions of this 46-minute meditation. One is then brought into a journey inside one’s body, passing through organs and glands. This meditation aims to broaden the body awareness field to help cell regeneration. Moreover, from the first minutes, we feel the effectiveness of the approach. Consequently, we quickly want to return to find a privileged contact with oneself.

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