Invocation (en)


“I created this compact disc with the intention of offering a musical cocoon, a break beyond stress, a haven of peace and a place of light vibrations that brings the listener to retreat from the hubbub of life and to use these melodies as a tuning fork offering a soothing soundtrack in a relaxing atmosphere. The process experienced in the “conscious musical trance” consists to sing a melody without knowing it in advance. This approach is a unique experience, beyond words. It is lived as a shower of light that reaches me beyond the subtle worlds. Thus vibratory harmonies and energies touch the depths of my being. May these melodies do the same for you. Thus, they will make you visit your inner worlds and take you on a journey to the heart of your being”, Marie Louise Roy. The graphics of the angel (CD cover) was graciously provided by Mary Guarino, painter. Here is the list of the musical parts:

Invocation (15: 23) 

Immersion (15:15)

Tambourine (15: 35) 

Nature (11 50) 

Grace (15: 28)

Price: 28.47 $ (taxes included) (24.99 $ + taxes = 28.47 $)