Owner’s Manual for the Soul

Owner’s Manuel for the Soul

“One of the questions that keeps surfacing in this volume is “Does one’s history have to become one’s destiny?” “Am I doomed to maintain the silences and repeat the prejudices of my family and my culture?” And if not, “How can I make the leap out of the patterns of thought and feeling, of mind and heart, that have kept me and others imprisoned in their shadows?”

“The author does not fall into a megalomania of revealing or owning “the truth,” but gently speaks of “my truth” as only a post-Reformation, post-modern text can”. “And perhaps this is the challenge of our time: to have the courage to listen to our own inner voices and guidance amidst the world, and to live our own truth without going off on a solipsistic journey where no one else is involved”.

Rick Jarow, USA, author of best selling book “Creating the work you love”

This book is written for those who are walking their own path and have the courage to push their perception of reality much further. It provides tools to reach the ultimate goal: soul illumination. The path is different for each individual. The ultimate goal is for the soul to grow through experiences, opening up to new realities of existence and new consciousness in order to access our own Light.

Marie Louise Roy, the author of this book, is an architect and urban planner.  She also has a master’s degree in environmental studies. She works as a consultant in urban planning, ecological design and sustainable development and lectures internationally about healthy cities. Her training in spiritual healing and alternative medicine has been part of her spiritual path, enabling her to develop seminars and workshops to help people on their journey towards the Light.

Marie Louise’s experience with the invisible realities compelled her to write this book, knowing that others would discover similarities with their own path. It contains details of her journey. Profound teachings were given to her in the process of channelling higher levels of consciousness. Those teachings have allowed people to open up to their own empowerment and enlightenment. Owner’s Manual for the Soul offers one of many spiritual paths to soul illumination.

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