The book L'antidote au stress

(only available in French)

L'antidote au stress is not an ordinary book. It presents an accumulation of information in a specific order, for the reader, to better understand what is actually happening in our brain to avoid the cul-de-sac that is stress. The latter is a real scourge in people's lives and especially in the workplace. In addition, this book reflects the author's personal vision of how to escape stress and avoid distress: "We all have our own way of avoiding debilitating stress. But sometimes we lose our footing and we need external landmarks to show us the way and bring our brains back to a calmer state. This makes it possible to look at problems as challenges rather than as painful and inevitable lessons of life."

"Sometimes from my personal experience, sometimes from the work of researchers who gave me additional pieces of the gigantic puzzle that is the functioning of the brain, this book helps to better understand and especially to better maintain our brain. It also helps prevent excess stress and maintain optimal balance. This book is sort of my recipe for happiness".

Throughout my career as an architect and coach, I have often been surprised by the staggering number of stressed people. This realization led me to write this book on different creative approaches that help to avoid the nervous tensions associated with potentially stressful situations - or overcome them with elegance. I hope this book will have a social impact, that it will help break the taboos about stress. In addition, I hope it will promote a better understanding of the mechanisms that can lead to a stress response. Also, based on my own experience of the creative process and its many facets, I intend to argue that there are only solutions in the making.

Finally, I hope to inspire readers to embark on the path of creativity. A final point, I want to help the reader to understand what is the "dance of creative consciousness" and the concept of transition. This transition represents in my opinion the need to reinvent oneself periodically (because of a change or thanks to it, according to the perspective of each individual), both for companies and for people.

Essential breath of the human soul, creativity is poorly known in many circles and especially in the business world. Moreover, most people tend to take refuge in a safe place (in the left brain or the lower mind). This gives them the impression that by using their right brain, they let go of their lifebuoy, or their secure analytical benchmarks (the "already-known") and that they will, therefore, lose control. It is important to remember that everyone, in their own way and with their personal geographical map of the world (their perceptions), approaches creativity in a way that is unique to them. This book is dedicated to all people under stress or lack of creative inspiration.