Divine Vibration (en)

Divine Vibration

Mr. Roy’s musical approach is expressed by the opening to vibratory chanting that elevates the soul. Thus, she sings her musical compositions and classics of sacred song. “In fact, the music is offered to us as a bridge to unknown realities unknown of ourselves: A DIVINE VIBRATION, sung to open a passageway to other octaves of life, more celestial. Also, it is in this context that I offer you this album. I also dedicate it to all the women of my lineage, those who have spoken a little, a lot or not at all; those who have dared to carry their voices beyond the steeple of their church. So, for them, I sing in these sacred places. Consequently, these places generally conceived on the proportions of sacred geometry (golden ratio), serve as resonators for the human voice and act like real tuning forks for the body, thus touching our being profoundly, to the depths of the soul. That’s when sacred music acts as a bridge over eternity. “So here’s the list of musical pieces:

Ave Maria (3:16) ML Roy

A New Begining (3:36) ML Roy

Vergin Tutto Amor (3: 36) : 12) F. Durante

Ave Maria (2:59) Gounod / D. Lepage

Panis Angelicus (3:44) C. Franck

Mon âme (6:05) ML Roy

Amasing Grace (3:52) Traditional

Ava Maria (3: 12) ) V. Steppan

Ave Maria (4: 42) G. Caccini

Ave Maria (2:46) Gounod

Ave Maria (6:10) F. Shubert

O Viridissima Virga (6: 21) H. Von Bingen

Invocation (15:27) ML Roy

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Agenda Plus (Belgium) This album offers to us as a passageway to others celestial realms, like a divine vibration sung to lift us to other octaves of life. In addition, these 13 songs feature classics of sacred songs, original musical compositions and even an Ave Maria in Japanese.

Journal Nord Info (North Montreal) A high voice, on long harp arpeggios with sound accompaniments, similar to the songs humpback whales to sing the Ave Maria, that summarizes too briefly Marie Louise Roy’s disk Divine Vibration whose personal path is lived with  a constant spiritual search.

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